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11 Sep

So you’re looking to create a t shirt or design custom t shirts from scratch but don’t really know where to begin, well that’s what we’re here for. Say you’ve got an unforgettable moment you captured on photo, perhaps it’s a friend doing something inherently stupid and you decide to spread that photo around. What better way to embarrass your stupid friend then with supplying everyone at his birthday party with the awesome photo printed front and center on custom t-shirts? Normally trying to design custom t shirts on your own can be a challenge for most people but we’re here to show you how to upload design to our Design Studio and have it printed onto custom t shirts. Bare in mind you don’t need to upload your own design to create a custom t shirt. In fact you can create a unique design via our thousands of available pieces of artwork directly within the Design Studio.

Design Custom T Shirts

Step one, open the Design Studio¬†and select “Upload Image”.

Design StudioNext, click “Select” and you’ll be prompted to choose which design you would like to place on your custom t shirt.

Design Studio BoxYou can then change any of the colors detected within the design. Once you’re done, click “Continue”.

Color ChangesYou’ll then see your image added directly to the selected piece of apparel.

Custom T Shirt DesignYou’re now done adding your design! See how easy and painless that was? Now you can design custom t shirts all you want. Remember you aren’t limited with your designs, you can add as many to your shirt as you’d like and are allotted up to ten colors in total for your shirt (per-side). You can also freely move your design around and resize it at will. Best of all, there are thousands of pieces of artwork at your disposal in the Design Studio. All you have to do is select “Designs” or “Clip Art” to access them. Now it’s time to get started and design custom t shirts!

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