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04 Sep

Design Custom T ShirtsAttempting to create custom t-shirts isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world to pull-off. In fact, custom t shirt printing is far more difficult than I believe most people out there truly anticipate. So how do you go about beginning to design custom t shirts online? Well it’s a process we’ve streamlined and wanted to make extremely easy for the average consumer to figure out. The first step really just revolves around you deciding what product(s) you would like for your custom t shirt printing. From there you jump into the world of selecting or even creating a design for your shirt. Do you want to create a shirt with your company logo, fundraiser name, family reunion title, who’s logo will it have, what placement would you like for the designs, how many colors are you looking to add into your design for the final end product? As you can see, there are many decisions to be made when it comes to the process to design custom t shirts. Let’s say we’re looking to create a t shirt for a group of friends and we go with the “Stud Muffin” design I created. There are a few ways we can get to this point. Either your very own logo or design can be used to create your shirt or you can create a brand new design altogether from the thousands of templates and clip art options within our Design Studio.

Design Custom T Shirts

Where do we go from here though? At what point do you know you’ve found the perfect design? Well I like to abide by a fairly straight forward rule myself. “Keep it simple, stupid.” That’s something that has resonated with me (not sure if that’s a good thing) since grade-school when a teacher taught us that saying (not sure if that’s a good thing either). The same rule should apply when you design custom t shirts and really when you design anything…ever! The most popular and successful logos in the world are very basic ones and why shouldn’t your t-shirt be the same? of course you can add in as many crazy colors as you’d like and place your design(s) virtually anywhere but the end goal is for people to see your shirt and for you to stand out!

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