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23 Oct

Design Custom T Shirts OnlineThe whole goal of Best American Tees was really two fold upon it’s initial creation. First there’s the name, we wanted to offer the best American made t-shirts available on the market but also give customers looking for better bargains the opportunity to do so on our site. Secondly we wanted to take advantage of the technologies available to us in here in the 21st century. We offer all of our customers the ability to browse through all of our products and designs right in the Design Studio as they design custom t shirts of their own.

Our Design Studio goes a bit deeper than that though. It houses thousands of designs, all of which can be customized, to better fit what you’re looking to create for a t shirt. Additionally you have the option to upload your very artwork into the Design Studio and place it freely on your garment of choice. Though the newest option we have available is the ability to upload an image from your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) straight onto your account with us. You’ll be given an email to send the file to and it will automatically be imported in for you.

Design Custom T Shirts With Free Shipping

Let’s say you’ve already determined the route you want to go when you create a t shirt. If you’ve got your exact garment choice, sizes, colors, and design already determined then you can move forward with placing your unique order. In an attempt to both stay competitive in the marketplace while also offering a better benefit to our customers, we offer free shipping in the domestic United States on all orders that consist of 12 or more items total. Of course all custom t shirts are just that, custom. So with that said, feel free to contact us with any questions you have about your order.

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