Custom T-Shirts VS Custom Pants

05 Nov

Cheap Company ShirtsThe war continues to wage on. It’s an age old war that many have chosen to only speak of in complete and udder secrecy. That war is the one waged on a daily basis between both custom t-shirts and custom pants. So what side do you take? That’s the question we’re looking to answer today. Which item is truly more important for everyday life? For this argument, we’re going to assume your entire wardrobe consists of solely custom printed items.

Custom Pants

Obviously you can’t argue the importance of pants, heck they were being used long before t-shirts were even thought of. Not to mention that “protection” pants can provide, especially when grilling bacon. Bacon grease can hurt when you’re not wearing pants…One last point, there’s one rule all restaurants require their customers abide to and that is “No shoes, no shirt, no service.”. It says nothing about pants needing to be warn though I should warn you, if you attempt to enter a McDonald’s without pants your dreams may be cut short. Please put some pants on, preferably ones we’ve printed on as well.

Custom T-Shirts

What about t-shirts? Well without custom t-shirts bacon grease will still hurt so that’s a wash between both categories. The advantages they have involve being mentioned in the rules from those restaurants, professional advertisements for businesses, and they help with getting a great farmer’s tan.

So obviously both sides have their advantages and disadvantages and honestly they’re both required if you plan to enter public. They also help bring in orders for us so we’re not going to complain about either.  🙂

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