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17 Sep

Custom Design Tank TopsSo here we are yet again, Summer is to our backs and coming at us head-on is Fall flanked by Winter. Sure the warm weather is dwindling down to its final days but that doesn’t mean you have to stow away those custom design tank tops just yet. Even if we’re trading 85 for 50 degree weather soon, there are still reasons to pick up custom design tank tops. Winter is the time all sport players get down to business. It’s a time for players to hone their skills both physically and mentally for the competition. To better themselves for the upcoming season or maybe they’re already playing in a sport like Basketball or even Hockey.

Custom Design Tank TopsHulk Hogan T Shirt

I just want to say that all athletes should be aware of a dis-service that is being done to the apparel world. There are guys out there that seem to think lightly of taking t-shirts and cutting the sides open to make an impromptu tank top when this is absolutely unnecessary. In no way should it be considered “okay” to take a great t-shirts and tear it apart. Oh the humanity! That’s why our mission is to spread the word of a better option. The option of custom design tank tops. Sure it may not be right for everyone but if you’re looking to give your team a great gift or even further represent your gym, we can help accommodate you. We just cant stand idly by and watch in horror as countless t-shirts (probably tens of thousands) get destroyed every year. Make the right chose and save a t-shirt instead of being like Hulk Hogan. That guy completely ruined thousands of shirts on his own.

You can donate to our cause to stop the violence against t shirts by ordering a custom design tank top today! You can even begin designing your very own right now in our Design Studio.

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