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29 Aug

Create A T Shirt OnlineTrying to create a t shirt from scratch or on your own is no easy task as it takes much more than the average person may think to accomplish a task such as attempting to create a t shirt. We understand how difficult it is and that’s why we’re here. Our sole duty is to make the process for you to create a t shirt as easy and seem less as possible. it’s something we have been specializing in for multiple years now and plan to continue honing or skills on for many years to come. So what does it take to design custom t shirts? Well, it takes much more than just a bucket of ink and a standard t-shirt, though if that’s what you’re looking for then the following video may be of some help to you.

How To Create A T Shirt

Of course many companies approach t-shirt printing in different manners but here’s how our specific approach works when we create a t shirt. For this scenario let’s assume we already have the customer’s artwork and have ordered in the t shirts they want printed on. From that point we need to create the film for the artwork, essentially a giant plastic sheet with the design broken into several layers. These layers are then burned into multiple screens and then placed into the printing press’ arms. Each of these arms force the ink through tiny holes that were burned into the screens, ultimately making their way to the t-shirts or other garments like hoodies directly. The process to create a t shirt doesn’t end their though. We then take the custom printed t-shirts and place them into a massive dryer. The whole point in this step is to ensure the ink bonds correctly to the shirt and feels absolutely comfortable once the customer receives their order.

Design Custom T ShirtsDesign Custom T Shirts

Obviously this is definitely a dumbed-down and rushed through version as explaining the entire process in minute detail. If you’ve tried to design custom t shirts or create a t shirt yourself then you’ll know how difficult the process can truly be to accomplish. If you have any questions about or process and how we can help you create a t shirt for your company, event, or outing then feel free to contact directly.

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